Thursday, 26 January 2012

Two Things Thursday!

I've been thinking of starting a regular series with a round up of general news and so on. So here it is:

1) currently Maybelline Dream Touch Blush has £2 off at Sainsbury's, bringing it down to £4.49. I was sorely tempted, but couldn't justify it. Bought a book instead, because, you know, I clearly don't have enough of those...

2) if you haven't tried a scrub bar from Lush, put it on your 'things to to before I die' list. Seriously, they are amazing. I have serious problems with dry skin on my arms and legs, but the scrub bars fix it so well. I've also been using this facial scrub from Sainsbury's, which is good, even if the smell's not great - but that's just because I don't like grapefruit.

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