Monday, 2 January 2012

NOTD: Barry M Nail Paint shade 290, Spring Green.

Right, I'll admit it, front and centre.
I used to be a Barry M Nail Paint devotee. Loved it.
But, since trying others (most notably Rimmel's 60 second one) I've realised that, actually, it's not that good.
I put on Barry M polish for the first time in a while today, in what for ages was my favourite nail colour. But, I'd forgotten how much better the little stubby brush in the Rimmel polishes is. The Barry M brush, long and thin, is very difficult to control, and get a good finish across the nail without getting polish all over your fingers - my nails now are even more untidy than normal.
Then there's the drying time. I know I'm used to special quick-dry formulas, but this still took quite a while, probably as a consequence of my bad brush usage meaning that I put too much polish on.
I've also put a topcoat on (for once) - 2true's clear polish, which says it lasts for 5 days. It has made the nail look overall much more 'finished'

It's a shame, really, to have to say bad things about a product I used to love.
One thing I can't fault, though, is the bottle size. For £2.99 (often £2.50 when there are 2 bottles for £5 deals) you get 10ml, working out at just under 30p per ml. In contrast, for the Rimmel 60 second polish you pay £3.69 for 8 ml, just over 46p/ml.

I think, to conclude, that the Barry M is still a very good nail polish for what you pay, but that there are better ones available at a similar price point.

Afterthought: I'm writing this bit two hours after putting on the polish. 6 of my 10 nails are smudged horribly. I remember this being a problem with this polish, that it appears to have dried, but over an hour after putting it on it still doesn't seem to stick to the nail.
I'll have to take it off, it's annoying me that it looks so rubbish and I'm going out tonight.

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