Sunday, 29 January 2012

The new No7 spring collection - floral brights

It may be only just above freezing outside, but in the world of fashion and beauty it's already Spring, baby!

The new range includes an eye palette, a cream blusher, a highlighter, and a lipstick, each of which I'm going to talk about. The lipstick and blusher are £10 each and the highlighter and eye palette £13.

The highlighter definitely looks nice, especially with the sweep of shimmery pink in it. I think that if I didn't already have a highlighter, I'd almost certainly snap this up - my only reservation Is the price. It's nearly double the price of Bourjois' highlighter, and £2 more expensive than Soap and Glory's, which has had rave reviews. If there is a sale at the end of this limited edition, though, I think that would definitely be the time to snap it up.

The eye palette is lovely, with shades of brown and a base pink, with a little yellow for the inner corner of the eye. If the shadow is of as good a quality as the No7 shadow I have, then I don't hesitate to recommend this.
My only reservation would be that most of us already have the more brownish shades from the palette and a base pink that we like - so it's really only that tiny bit of yellow that we're paying £13 for. Although that yellow is lovely, for those of us on low budgets it might be worth trying Sleek's acid palette, for £6.49 which has a yellow included in the bright colours in it. There's also a more russet-y, sophisticated, yellow in their Sunset palette, which, by the way, I definitely have my eye on.
These cream blushes are lovely and come in two shades, Blooming Pink and Blossoming Pink. They seem pretty similar but I think the picture is Blossoming Pink - the other shade looks a bit redder... I can't wait to go and try this - but again, price - £10 for a blush isn't really something I can justify, especially as soap and Glory's products are only a tad more expensive and this doesn't actually look that special.
The lipstick also comes in the same two pinks - the Blooming Pink (not the one pictured, sadly) looks like it'll be a stunner - its a dark reddish pink. These retail at £10, but somehow I'd be a little more prepared to pay that for lipstick than for blusher, maybe because the packaging is a tiny bit nicer...

Overall the range is lovely, if a bit out of my price range - I guess this is what advantage card points/ £5 vouchers (if they give them out again anytime soon) / birthday gift cards (hint hint)/ sales are for...

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