Monday, 2 January 2012

Reorganization of dressing table

For the past week, living out of a suitcase while on holiday with my family, I've had all my makeup (that I took with me, which obviously wasn't all of it) in one box - the pink one on the top right of this picture - and it irritated me so much having to dig for so long to find everything that I felt I needed to organize my dressing table. The main issue with my dressing table is that it's really just a mirror on top of a chest of drawers, too low to stand in front of, and too high and with no leg space to sit in front of. Also the light in that part of my room was not at all good. So I've cleared the clutter off the top of one of my bookcases, and spread my make-up out there. Until I get myself a tabletop mirror, I'll still have to take what I want into the bathroom to put it on, but it beats the previous situation.

Upon sorting, I found that I really had far fewer eyeshadows than I'd thought - I guess because I have been building up a collection for such a short amount of time, the rapid buying hasn't yet translated into huge bulk, thank goodness. I ummed and ah'ed for ages about the best way to sort, and the best way to distribute different items between different boxes. I still think that maybe, since the mug with the eyeliners in is quite big, I could put the mascaras in there with them and then put the lip stuff in the tall mug. The only issue is that lipsticks are quite squat, so I'd only ever be able to see the glosses.

The other dilemma I had was where to sort my 'All About Nude' palette - I suppose that since half of the palette is eyeshadow, it should go with the shadows, but that just doesn't seem right... I'll have a similar dilemma when my ELF order arrives, as I ordered a custom palette with two shadows and a blush. I might end up, since the box with the face stuff in is so big, making it 'face and palette'...

I can also see the shoebox with all the cleansing and base stuff getting very cluttered very quickly, so I need a solution to that... I could just put the foundation, concealer, powder etc in with the face stuff, and have the wipes and moisturiser out on the countertop... the OCD in me doesn't like that idea at all though.

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