Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Review and NOTD: Rimmel Lasting Finish shade 193 - Black Cherries

In a way similar (probably) to most of you, I can't resist a bargain, so when I saw that this polish had £1 off at Sainsbury's, reducing the price to £1.99 I had to take advantage of it. I had a brief dilemma between this colour and a sparkly one (which I can't find anywhere online, darn being down for maintenance), but decided that I'd get more wear out of this one.

The colour is lovely , a rich dark purplish red which, if you look closely under the right light, has tiny glimmery bits in it. I love the colour so much. Definitely made the right choice.

It goes on really nicely, it's nice and thick and gloopy, and although the brush is more like the Barry M ones than the Rimmel 60 Second one, it is thick enough, and the polish thick enough, for it to work.

It dried fairly quickly, and once it was dry it stayed dry and fixed to the nail (ie, not like the Barry M that slides off). The photo above was taken after I'd been wearing it for a day, with a little bit of wear but overall still looking very presentable. The one thing I have noticed is that there are a few little grooves from the tips of my other hand's nails (I think), but that seems to be a serial problem with most polishes for me. The colour of this polish seems to disguise those grooves quite well, though, so I'm happy.

As for Lasting Finish, I'm not yet entirely sure... it has seemed to stay on quite well, as you'd expect, but I'll have to see how it looks later in the week before I can really assess that.

Overall though, I love this polish, and I can see it becoming a staple.

(note that it's only £2.49 at Superdrug anyway)

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