Friday, 13 January 2012

Dancing On Ice, show 1

Since Strictly’s over, I’m watching Dancing On Ice. I do like it, no matter how much my brother mouths off about it.

Christine Bleakley got a lot of flack for apparently not being personable enough. Personally, I thought that while she could have been a little warmer, she’s probably just working her way into it.

She wore the red lip really well in my opinion, and I liked that it was mirrored by the dress without it being trashy – the high neck and low hemline helped, and she looked so elegant.

I think my favourite two looks beauty-wise were Jorgie Porter and Chemmy Alcott.

Jorgie’s was such a natural look, with a lovely air of youth and innocence. To recreate this look I would use my 17 All About Nude palette, but if I didn’t have that I would use a pale shadow (like No7’s Starry Night) blended with something like 17’s Walnut Pearl eyeshadow with a pinkish lip either from 17 Mirror Shine Belle or from a tinted lip balm.

It would be perfect for a summer day or a simple frock type day.

(I couldn’t find a better still, tried for ages, sorry)

The most interesting thing about Chemmy’s look was that she had a gold lip. I’m not entirely sure how I would recreate this, but in this month’s Company they featured a company called GlitzyLips ( so I would probably do that – Don’t Copper Me is the cloest to what she wore. This isn’t a look you could really wear anywhere, I don’t think, except maybe for Hallowe’en or a very extreme clubbing night.

All pictures from ITV except the last which is from

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