Friday, 15 June 2012

Shopping from town!

So I went shopping yesterday and bought some stuff!

I bought Look eyeshadows (currently only £2) in Gillet, Satchel, and Taffeta.
They're lovely and soft and matte, and perfect for a smokey eye.

In Primark I got two pairs of fun sunnies, some Haribo gold medal sweets, a vest top (one of the basic 2x2 rib ones, very boring), some face wipes, and some charms for my charm bracelet, which now has an L, a boat, a star with the US flag on, a suitcase, and a red mini with the Union Flag on the roof.
 The flowered sunnies were £2 and the tortoiseshell £1.

I also treated myself to an apple pie Mi-Shake (our local variety of those milkshake shops where they blend whatever sweet thing you want with ice cream)

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Boots advantage card vouchers!

In the post this morning came my Boots voucher letter :D
There's a little thingy telling me I have £3.98 in Advantage Card points, yay (I generally use them for chocolate...)
Then in terms of vouchers (all valid until the 29th/30th of July)
  • 500 points when I spend £30
  • 200 points when I spend £20 (two of these)
  • double points (usable twice)
  • £2 off Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter (Might invest in a second colour!)
  • only £1 for a 17 Wild Curls mascara
  • double points on sun protection
  • £10 eye test (silly them, I'm still eligible for NHS eye testing)
  • £5 off when I spend £25 on electrical beauty
I have no idea how they decide exactly which vouchers to send, but all but the last two are fairly good.

There's also info about 3 for 2 on mix & match holiday essentials (I'll be using that to pick up insect repellent spray, a mini Nivea deodorant,and maybe a dry shampoo for my sailing holiday) and half price on sun protection.

Thanks, Boots!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

My favourite summer blushers: GOLD by Giles (New Look)

Now, we all love the Horizon de Chanel blush.
But at nearly £50 it's undeniably out of most of our price ranges.

I was in New Look the other week and saw this, however:
It's far more shimmery than the Chanel one, so it's more of an evening blusher - but for £2.99 who cares?
Also, because the stripes are wider you could do an entire face with it. The top line is quite good as a highlighter.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Una prueba para el cambio de prioridad del blog

Si hayas leido mi escrito de más temprano de esta semana, sabes que estoy cambiando en que este blog es enfocado. Creí que sería buena idea intentar escribir en español para que explorar mis capacidades en esta lengua. Especialmente sería idea útil porque voy a terminar mis estudios de español en el instituto muy pronto pero me gustaría retener mi español.

En esta cosa escrita, voy a describir lo que ha pasado a mi en la semana pasada. El lunes fue una fiesta nacional así que no tuvo que ir al instituto y fui al cine con el chico que ha llegado a ser mi novio. Él no le gusta nada la maquillaje, que me ha ayudado mucho a usarlo con menos frecuencia y gustarme más my apariencia natural. Es muy simpático, genial, e inteligentísimo. El martes me anduvo de la parada de bus a mi casa. Era un tiempo muy genial pero mi hermano ha aparecido, quien me molesta mucho.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Challenge: completed

As you can see, the frequency of posts has radically declined in the last couple of months, and there's a reason for that.

The original premise of this blog was to help make myself feel pretty.

And now I do feel pretty. Getting into swimming has helped me feel a lot better about myself. Yes, mine is a body that has a bit more chub than it needs, but it's also a body that can swim a mile in one go and raise a hundred and thirty pounds for charity in the process (donations are still open for Sport Relief). I've also turned a bit of fat into muscle, which is never a bad thing.

As my seven years of high school come to an end, I'll be saying goodbye to most of my best friends. I had my first A Level exam of the summer yesterday, and I think it went okay (fingers crossed!), and the rest are approaching apace. I can't wait for uni!

The final factor in my feeling so content is the most corny. I met a guy :p Suffice to say that he's lovely and a total gentleman. :)

I think I'll try to keep on with the blog - it'll be good for my writing. I'm going to diversify the subject matter a little more, I think, and with it the title. If you follow me on twitter @Lilyofthehills then you'll see updates as and when :)

Thanks for reading everyone, and title ideas are most welcome

Saturday, 5 May 2012

April empties

Clockwise from top left:
1) Sainsburys 2 in 1 shampoo, which I reviewed last month - I use this at the swimming pool, but when I've finished my current bottle I won't repurchase immediately as I have the Pantene Pro-V samples from Marie-Claire to try, which are mini and therefore perfect for the gym. After I've used those I will definitely repurchase this though.

2) Original Source Lime Shower Gel - love this stuff. It has a nice thick consistency, like Lush's shower jellies, but a bit easier to use. And the smell is so good. I bought four bottles of this when it was on offer ages ago and I'm now on the last one :(

3&4) Alberto Balsam shampoo and conditioner in pomegranate. I wasn't particularly impressed with this. Before this I had tried this shampoo and container in Apple and Teatree, both of which were great, but this one was very thin, the conditioner especially - very liquid. I've got Raspberry to use next when I've finished all the odds and ends I've got lying around - if that's also a letdown then I may have to venture up the price ladder a little.

5) Simple Spotless Skin Quick Fix cleansing wipes. I reviewed these when I first got them, but something I didn't realise is that they're a lot less gentle than the other wipes I've tried, but they do do the job. Would I repurchase them? Yeah, sure, if they were on offer. Not otherwise though.

6) Olay gentle cleansers wet cleansing wipes. Okay, I've no idea where these came from or if they even make them any more, but I had a 2/3 full packet lying around so I started using then when the Simple ones ran out. They were so much gentler and generally felt lovely to use, but also weren't so good at removing eye makeup, which would be fine except that 99% of the time I wear really long lasting eye makeup