Saturday, 5 May 2012

April empties

Clockwise from top left:
1) Sainsburys 2 in 1 shampoo, which I reviewed last month - I use this at the swimming pool, but when I've finished my current bottle I won't repurchase immediately as I have the Pantene Pro-V samples from Marie-Claire to try, which are mini and therefore perfect for the gym. After I've used those I will definitely repurchase this though.

2) Original Source Lime Shower Gel - love this stuff. It has a nice thick consistency, like Lush's shower jellies, but a bit easier to use. And the smell is so good. I bought four bottles of this when it was on offer ages ago and I'm now on the last one :(

3&4) Alberto Balsam shampoo and conditioner in pomegranate. I wasn't particularly impressed with this. Before this I had tried this shampoo and container in Apple and Teatree, both of which were great, but this one was very thin, the conditioner especially - very liquid. I've got Raspberry to use next when I've finished all the odds and ends I've got lying around - if that's also a letdown then I may have to venture up the price ladder a little.

5) Simple Spotless Skin Quick Fix cleansing wipes. I reviewed these when I first got them, but something I didn't realise is that they're a lot less gentle than the other wipes I've tried, but they do do the job. Would I repurchase them? Yeah, sure, if they were on offer. Not otherwise though.

6) Olay gentle cleansers wet cleansing wipes. Okay, I've no idea where these came from or if they even make them any more, but I had a 2/3 full packet lying around so I started using then when the Simple ones ran out. They were so much gentler and generally felt lovely to use, but also weren't so good at removing eye makeup, which would be fine except that 99% of the time I wear really long lasting eye makeup

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