Friday, 11 May 2012

Challenge: completed

As you can see, the frequency of posts has radically declined in the last couple of months, and there's a reason for that.

The original premise of this blog was to help make myself feel pretty.

And now I do feel pretty. Getting into swimming has helped me feel a lot better about myself. Yes, mine is a body that has a bit more chub than it needs, but it's also a body that can swim a mile in one go and raise a hundred and thirty pounds for charity in the process (donations are still open for Sport Relief). I've also turned a bit of fat into muscle, which is never a bad thing.

As my seven years of high school come to an end, I'll be saying goodbye to most of my best friends. I had my first A Level exam of the summer yesterday, and I think it went okay (fingers crossed!), and the rest are approaching apace. I can't wait for uni!

The final factor in my feeling so content is the most corny. I met a guy :p Suffice to say that he's lovely and a total gentleman. :)

I think I'll try to keep on with the blog - it'll be good for my writing. I'm going to diversify the subject matter a little more, I think, and with it the title. If you follow me on twitter @Lilyofthehills then you'll see updates as and when :)

Thanks for reading everyone, and title ideas are most welcome

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