Friday, 15 June 2012

Shopping from town!

So I went shopping yesterday and bought some stuff!

I bought Look eyeshadows (currently only £2) in Gillet, Satchel, and Taffeta.
They're lovely and soft and matte, and perfect for a smokey eye.

In Primark I got two pairs of fun sunnies, some Haribo gold medal sweets, a vest top (one of the basic 2x2 rib ones, very boring), some face wipes, and some charms for my charm bracelet, which now has an L, a boat, a star with the US flag on, a suitcase, and a red mini with the Union Flag on the roof.
 The flowered sunnies were £2 and the tortoiseshell £1.

I also treated myself to an apple pie Mi-Shake (our local variety of those milkshake shops where they blend whatever sweet thing you want with ice cream)

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