Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Swatched: 17 Solo Eyeshadows

So, I had these eyeshadows lying around, which are actually really good quality for the £3.89 you pay (it's the same price for normal and glitter shadows, the only difference being that they say '17 Glitter' on the lids rather than '17 Eyes')

Clockwise starting in the top left, the shades are Walnut Pearl, Night Sky, Regal, and Green Glimmer. The Night Sky is glitter and the others are standard shadows, though as you can see even in the non-flash photo (the top one of each pair) the Green Glimmer is fairly light-relective, and in the flash photo all four shades are shimmering.

The Walnut Pearl is one layer of colour; the other three are two. It's easily the most pigmented of the four, but it also sheds - when using this eyeshadow it's definitely a good idea to do it before the foundation.

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