Thursday, 9 February 2012

Two things Thursday - Hello Kitty, Hello Hogwarts

First up, I can't believe I forgot to do this last week. Well, actually I can. Let me paint you a picture: I got home from school feeling absolutely rotten, went straight to bed missing ballet. Then about an hour later my mum woke me up to tell me that we had a burst pipe... not fun.

The first thing I've been loving recently is this eyeshadow palette from Boots' Christmas gift range - I bought it in the January sale for £4.00 and you can see it swatched here. It has all the colours to create a nice range of looks, so it's quite good for everyday. Lily likey.
My friends bought me a ravenclaw jumper for my birthday! It's exactly the same as they wore in the films and I like it loads because it's so not obvious that it's Potter merchandise - nice and subtle. Plus it's 100% lambs wool so it's really warm - perfect for this weather...

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