Monday, 20 February 2012

Nail painting!

Yesterday evening I went to my friend's house where we all indulged in a bit of nail art of various quality. Here are some pictures (apologies for non-sharpness, my camera decided to focus on everything but the fingers...)
Here's what one of my friends did. Overall she did the most impressive nails of all of us - I thought I'd start off with the best ones! We all thought the lips on her little finger were really cool and personally I liked that they were quite modern. The flowers on her ring finger are also really cool. We liked that she had a heart on what we referred to as her 'swearing finger,' though it could lead to mixed messages. Then on her index finger was an amazing desert island, which I tried to copy, but it didn't go so well.
Here are three of mine. If you look at the far left one you can see my disastrous copying of a desert island... I like the purple sparkles though, and there's a better photo of my index finger's white sparkly nail further down the page.

This was my most arty friend, she did flowers on all of her nails, I was really impressed!

This is Philly's 'cosmos hand' which is epic. She thinks she ruined it by adding the stars, but I am envious, they're really pretty. You can check out her blog here.

This is one of mine. I used a white base, and then a subtle glitter (my elf one from my freebie at the start of this month) and then a chunky Barry M glitter.I think this is really pretty, definitely one to do again.
My most talented friend (from the first picture) put this on her thumb. How cute! The flash kind of wiped out the top of the nail, but it had a little yellow for the sun. It looked really professional.
This was what I attempted to do on my thumb - it didn't work out quite how I intended, but it still looked cool, so I'm happy.

One of the things I most like about these get-togethers is that they get you to use some of your own products that you hadn't used for ages, and there's a NOTD using one of those coming right up.

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