Thursday, 9 February 2012

A little bit of shopping!

Yesterday, I went to a visit day at Southampton Uni, and of course I had to sample what there was in the way of shopping in the town too... I only realised when I laid it all out that I had in fact bought a whole outfit, though not one that is at all cohesive.
On the left is stuff from New Look:
A boyfriend cardigan with (most importantly) buttons and pockets - I have a grey cardi similar to this that I live in, so a change will be nice.
Extra long leggings! My local New Look doesn't keep enough legging stock to have the extra long ones in, so whenever I'm in a different New Look I check - one of my pairs of leggings died recently and the other two pairs are standard length and a bit short, so I've needed a new pair for ages!
Then on the right is stuff from Matalan
My parents got me an exercise tshirt for Christmas but I said I'd never wear it because it was white, so they took it back to the shop and told me to look out for one I would wear. This fits in with rising Olympic fever in our house!
The skirt was only £3 in the sale, and I have a similar one that I'm wearing to death, so I knew it would be a good buy

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