Sunday, 19 February 2012

Project pan update

1 - Primark Beauty '4 in 1 gentle facial cleansing wipes'
These wipes won't be a repurchase in my opinion. They were a lot cheaper than other wipes - only a pound for fifty, but they don't remove make-up particularly well, and, more importantly, my skin doesn't like them and they often seem to sting a little bit. Worth a try though, to see if you get on with them. They could be quite difficult to get hold of, though, as (in my local Primark at least) they are sometimes next to the tills and sometimes nowhere to be found... The mysteries of Primark, eh?

1 - I finished 'Bringing Down The House' by Ben Mezrich on Monday. The film 21 has been one of my favourites for ages and I wanted to read the book, and, as usual, the book way outshined the film. I'd recommend this if you like escapism, drama, or hot MIT students.

2 - I also finished 'Things Can Only Get Better' by John O'Farrell. It's about his time as a Labour Party activist in the 1980s and was recommended by my Politics teacher. It was really interesting, though like many of the books he recommends it does leave you a bit anti-Thatcher...

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