Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Review - Sainsbury's 2 in 1 strawberry shampoo

At first glance, this review shouldn't belong on a 'serious, grown up' (though let's not lie, when am I ever serious or grown up) beauty blog. It's a £1.10 kids' combined shampoo and conditioner.
But I'll let you into a secret here: It's fab!

I only use this for holidays/ after swimming when I don't want the fuss of separate shampoo and conditioner, as it's more expensive than my standard shampoo and conditioner (this is £1.10 for 250ml, I'm a cheapskate, I know), but it's really good.

I first picked it up a couple of years ago for a holiday for which I had to pack really light, but decided it was much better than I expected.

It conditions hair really well, and the scent is lovely.

This shampoo comes in a squeezy-ish bottle, which is fairly standard, but it has enough swagger to its shape that it's easy to keep a grip on when wet, and it fits into the hand fairly well. A minor thing, I know, but an important one. The only downside is that as the bottle is completely opaque it's impossible to know how much you have left in the bottle.

Does it live up to its promises?
Sainsbury's Strawberry 2in1 conditioning shampoo has a mild and gentle formula specially developed for your little monsters! Avoid bath time traumas - cleans and de-tangles in one easy step! Leaves hair feeling soft, shiny and smelling Berry-licious! Suitable for all hair types
Right, ignoring the slightly patronising tone and overexcited use of superfluous exclamation marks (I'll put the grammar nerd back in her box now, don't worry), by and large this shampoo does live up to what it promises to do. I have yet to get it in my eyes, and much as I love you guys, I'm not going to do that on purpose just to see what happens... It does de-tangle quite well, though. While my hair is quite short at the moment, it still tangles really easily, and this shampoo copes quite well - I remember it working well when I had long hair too.
It does definitely leave hair soft - I keep stroking my hair after I use this shampoo, and there's also a little something of the scent left (which is a really nice, fruity scent) even nearly two days after the wash. It doesn't leave hair particularly shiny, though, or at least not by itself. If you then blow-dry and straighten the hair it looks really shiny and lovely, but if you just towel-dry it, it isn't particularly shiny.

Who would like this product?
Anyone in a rush, or going to the gym/swimming pool, or packing light for a holiday. Also anyone who has difficult tangly hair.

Would I repurchase it?
I already have! I'm halfway through my second bottle, with the next ready and waiting.

And in other news....
I'm doing a one mile swim for Sport Relief on April 27th, and it would be very much appreciated if you could sponsor me, even just fifty pence - every little helps! In Bangladesh, many children lose their lives every year when monsoon season comes around because they can't swim - so Sport Relief are trying to raise money to teach them, so that they can escape the monsoon rain. Sponsor me here :)

What's your best surprise buy?
And have you done any form of sport for charity?

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