Sunday, 22 April 2012

Retail Therapy! Primark and Poundworld, and a look at my organisation

I was in dire need of a bit of retail therapy (aka, Primark therapy) as I hadn't been into town for ages, so I went into town after work yesterday.

First I went into Poundworld, to see if they had any good discontinued makeup stuff, which they didn't, and I then looked at the usual rows of imitation Simple makeup wipes, and so on, and then saw a tub of Nivea Creme, which is £1.40 for 50ml at Boots, so £1 is a saving of nearly 30% on the normal price. It appears to have been aimed at the Polish market.

Then I went to Primark, because I wanted a new purse, and I chose this one for £4; it's nice, doesn't look particularly cheap, and has millions of card slots (the most important thing for me)

They have a new thing of charm bracelets - the bracelet is £1 as is each charm. I chose a yacht because I love to sail, the US flag star because the school trip I went on there last summer was amazing, and a Mini because I drive one.

 And I chose this bag, which is nice and big, and with a fun print ready for the Jubilympics this summer! It was £9.

 And lastly I picked up these wipes - at £1 for 50 they're worth a try, and the last Primark wipes I had (with a mini review here) were really good.

Here's a shot of how I organised my purse - In the front card slots clockwise from top left: drving license, student ID, library card and swimming pool membership, bank card. And then vouchers in the front. One of the two biggish bits will be banknotes and the other receipts - and then loyalty cards and giftcards in the back slots.

Since we're on the topic of organisation, here's how my current diary is organised - it's the Breast Cancer Care Pocket Filofax. I've ordered a Personal size one which I think I will need for the summer and uni, especially with my disorganised tendencies.
In the left hand card slots are my NI card and a sample of fabric from the prom dress I'm not going to wear - I can't think where else to put it, and I like stroking it so I'm keeping it in here. In the pocket behind those are the tab dividers I'm not using.

Here are my tab divisions. The dividers are the ones that came in my Paperchase branded organiser; I like the bright colours! In the plastic wallet in the front is my sponsorship form for the Big Splash Sport Relief Mile which I'm doing next Friday. There's also a list of which of my friends haven't paid me back for a BBQ we had before Easter.

In this tab you can see that I use the Filofax brand letter tabs within my 'address' division. They stick out less so it works well.

In the 'information' divider I have things like my tube map and world map, and in the 'agenda' section my school timetable. I'm going to show you more about what comes in my 'planner' divider. First is a cross-off chart about how many school days I have left ever. Scary, right?

 Then I have a list of all the topics in all my exams, and my revision plan/to-do list day by day.

Then in the back pocket I have some stickers that came with the diary, my list of 19 things to do before I'm 19, and a spare hairclip so that I always have one.
I hope you've enjoyed having a look at how I organise my life - how do you organise yours?

Also, while writing this post my blog crossed 2,000 views. Thanks, guys, it means a lot - that averages out to 500 a month, or just over 16 a day since I started my blog at the end of December. I might do a giveaway soon to celebrate - what do you think of that?

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  1. Great pics in this post, love seeing all these bits and pieces, especially the charm bracelet :)
    If you do a giveaway don't go overboard, but I think it helps raise blog traffic a lot.
    And congrats on the milestone :)