Friday, 16 March 2012

Review of Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick, and FOTD

Products used:
  • Elf eyelid primer
  • Elf eyeshadow in driftwood
  • Collection Extreme 24H felt tip eye liner
  • 17 Photo Flawless Eye Pencil in copper/black (on bottom lash line)
  • NaturalCollection LashCurl mascara in black
  • Elf blush in 'shy'
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in One Of A Kind (080)

The tube of this lipstick is fairly standard, really, slightly purple and shiny.

Does it live up to its promises?
Locks colour to lips for up to 8 hours. 50% more colour. Soft, smooth comfortable formula.
As we all know, no lipstick will ever stick around for this long. But this lipstick makes a pretty good stab at it. Obviously it lasts differently depending on how much/ frequently you eat and drink, but I've had between three and seven hours from it. A disadvantage is that instead of fading equally you do get a darker line around the edges of the lips, which makes it kind of obvious that you were wearing lipstick and forgot to refresh it.
What they say about the formula is definitely true though. I haven't got the most chap-free lips, but instead of highlighting that like some lipsticks do, this lipstick looks good on. And it smells pretty nice too.

Would I repurchase it?
Definitely, though maybe not in this colour - it is a little brighter than I expected, but I'm making myself wear it - they do say you should do something every day that makes you uncomfortable!

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