Monday, 19 March 2012

Long-lasting FOTD and review of Collection Extreme 24H Felt Tip Eye Liner

Often, I see Face Of The Day posts and think 'really? And how long did that last?' so I thought I'd post today's with a picture taken at half past nine, fourteen hours after putting on my make-up.

Products used:

  • 17 BB Cream (most definitely still there, I used a cleansing wipe just after taking this picture and it came off onto it)
  • Collection Shimmer Squares in Way to Glow (as above)
  • Rimmel 1000 Kisses lip stain and balm (this I reapplied throughout the day, but the last time was at about 3pm, so this is still six hours' wear)
  • Hello Kitty and Liberty eyeshadow palette
  • Collection Extreme 24H Felt Tip Eye Liner Pen (still looking pretty much as new)
  • Natural Collection LashCurl mascara in black.
And now the product review:

It comes looking like a simple black marker pen - the end of the pen is a different colour depending on which colour you buy. It comes in black, teal, purple and blue. I had it in real about a year ago and lost it, and my mum has it in purple, but it is in black that this liner is indispensable. The lid fits nice and securely, which means the product doesn't dry out too quickly

Does it live up to its promises?
Be bold, bright and beautiful! The fast-drying versatile felt tipped pens give your makeup look an instant burst of colour.
Easy-to-apply felt tip nib for all day long lustrous looking eyes.
Obviously the instant burst of colour isn't applicable for black, but it is very quick to apply.
I totally agree with the easy to apply label, if I can do it, anyone can.
All day long - well, just look at the photo above! It's not even easy to remove with makeup wipes - even though mine say they tackle waterproof mascara. Maybe if I used my eye makeup remover pads they would work? On the odd days when I forget to take my makeup off, my liner is still ready to go the next morning.
It looks equally good when worn as a thin line or 'like Cleopatra' as my uncle put it. It also works quite well for the waterline.

Would I repurchase it?
I already have! Best of all, it's only £2.99!

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