Sunday, 4 March 2012

Review: Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstain in 350 'Blushing'

I had been wanting a lip stain for ages and decided on this one. I wouldn't use the integrated balm in some of the lip stain products like Revlon"s Just Bitten, so I avoided those ones. There werent many testers for Max Factor's one, and I couldn't find a colour I'd wear enough - red would be cool, yes, but I'm not brave enough for it. That'll come as celebration when I've lost the weight I'm trying to get rid of.

It's a sturdy marker pen, really. I like it - some packagings feel very flimsy, but this doesn't. It does annoy me that it's the American spelling of colour, but hey ho, it's an American brand after all.

Does it live up to its promises?
The Boots website says:

Tint lips with sheer matte colour for a fresh barely there feel. New pen builds for precise buildable colour that lasts!

Why You'll Love It

A fresh new sensation in color:

• Sheer wash of color from water-based pigments

• Fresh, barely-there feel from vitamin-enriched berry nectar

Personally, I really like the product - I like that you can just put it on once, or do a few coats for a stronger colour. This shade is also one I like, a darkish pink that, as you can see in the photo below, looks fairly 'done' even without other make-up.
I agree with them saying the pen is precise - in contrast to lipsticks and glosses, it's very easy to just get the colour where you want it.
The smell is nice - minty and sweet, a bit like dentists' surgeries (are they called surgeries for dentists?)
So far, yes, it does live up to its promises - though I'll have to see how it fares with continued use. It is slightly drying, though, so a balm afterwards might help - I've also heard a lipgloss on top works.

Would I repurchase?
From my experience so far I'll have to say yes, definitely - it's exactly what I wanted

This lip stain sells for £5.99

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